Lipstick Memos


What a busy few days! Assignments after assignments… They just don’t seem to end. I guess that’s the life of a student. But one thing I’ve learnt about myself with all these recent deadlines is that I’m a person that lets everything get to me very easily. Essays stress me out – it’s a simple fact. But I just don’t like the person that I become when it’s deadline week. I tend to snap at everyone around me; I want to be left alone but at the same time I don’t want people to leave me; I feel completely bad about myself and I just take all that frustration out on others.

It’s funny, I sometimes get upset for no reason at all – and boy am I a weeper… But it’s strange because we ALWAYS have a reason to be sad. Even if we don’t know what it may be, I can guarantee that we can pinpoint it to some reason or another, constant sadness however is also a sign of depression. Yet, even those that suffer from depression often will have some understanding of why they are in a constant state of anxiety or grief.

Furthermore, have you noticed, on the other hand, that you don’t need any reason at all to be happy? You can just be; it’s so simple. I’m sure we’ve all experienced those moments when we catch ourselves smiling for no reason, or when we find ourselves in an exceptional mood, also for no reason. In these moments we are living completely in the present, where there may be no worry and everything is perceived to be beautiful. Our anxieties, our nerves, our fears are diminished in these moments and we are happy to just be as we are. During these times it seems that we can let nothing get in the way of our state of mind, and we also sometimesĀ refuseĀ to let things get to us, because we don’t want to deplete our happiness; we don’t want our feelings of joy to fade. In these moments we live without expectations and we become the person that we should aim to be throughout the given days.

We do not need a reason to smile. A smile takes much few muscles in the mouth to produce than a frown. Every minute spent in sorrow signifies a minute that can be used to smile. However, this of course is much easier said than done. Sometimes… we just need to cry.

Tears are words that need to be shed. Without them, joy loses all its brilliance and sadness has no end.

It was Paulo Coelho that gave us this insight. In order to be happy again, we must accept our sorrows so that we can be on the road to elation once again. So my advice from the limited experience that I have is to just let your emotions out. It’s okay to have an occasional cry to yourself once in a while. But give yourself a time frame. Say to yourself, “I will give myself maybe one day to cry and let myself be miserable. But once this day is over, I will be try to find and do the things that give me pleasure so I can let myself be liberated from my tribulations”. I even give myself mirror memos, as pictured above! When I see the word smile on the mirror, I automatically have to smile, and just this one action is able to alleviate my mood almost instantly – it’s a simple magic trick ;) Do whatever you may have to do to feel warm again.

Giving yourself an appropriate time frame does wonders, and when the deadline to be happy again is achieved, it’s the best type of deadline that may exist.

Wishing you all a beautiful week ahead.

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